Verse Part Five

This makes, I think, ten sets of Verse.  I am now out of words to play with, and am left with a decision to make. I can either re-jumble all the words I have here and start a new set of verses or I can try to find some new Fridge poetry sets to work with.  

I wanted to have twenty poems when I tried to set this book to print. I am halfway there.  So, I must do one or the other of those things.

The simpering sentimentalist in me does not want to destroy the poems assembled on the side of the fridge.  As Stephen King said, we don’t want to kill our darlings.  They are lovely, in a way; and they are art.  But I have photos of them-is that not the same?  

No-obviously not.  

And they are conversation starters for dinner guests and friends who come over…when we have friends over.   

I think what I like most about them is they are REAL.  At least, they are as real as words can be.  They are tactile, solid, gritty, dirty, and there.  Some of them stick to the fridge better than others…are they better words?  

I broke down and set up an Apple Music account two days ago.  I’d resisted, for years, not because I didn’t want to pay the ten bucks a month to have access to every song in the Universe.  I’d resisted because some part of me clings to the idea of ownership and reality that comes part and parcel with having the songs and artists in my iTunes library be there because I put them there.  They came off CDs that I own and can go to and look at and play in the six-disk CD changer I haven’t used in ten years.  They are, as much as songs can be, more REAL than music I do not own.

In this world of rising detachment from the REAL, increasing time spent interacting with “friends” via the virtual social media “reality,” and the accompanying decline in a sense of appreciation for the manifestations of human emotions…the love that becomes a song, or a poem, or a kiss, or a rose sitting on a desk to remind the receiver how much the giver can’t find their breath without them…

I just really want to leave this collection of feelings in as real a condition as possible.  Maybe she will look at them sometime and think…”My baby loves me so much he filled a whole side of the fridge with it!”

Here’s the last verse for round one-one way or another:

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Book Cover Idea 

Thinking over ideas for covers for the book, I was thinking that maybe a shot of the whole side of the fridge, with all the first poems in the shot, would be cool:  


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Fridge Verse for Elizabeth Part 4

So, we’ve been away from the kitchen for a few weeks…consequently, the Verse has been stilted.  BUT, there was something of a small display at a local art gathering/show last Friday night (at which, apparently, no photos were taken-I was busy playing music with two other guitar players for the event, so I don’t even know what the display looked like), so that was some additional, and pretty cool, exposure for the book.

I HAVE been working on a verse this week, though.  And I think it’s finished-maybe.  The voice in the poem feels a little disoriented…but, as a good colleague and friend likes to say, “Maybe that’s a good thing.”

At any rate-I’m sharing the current draft.  Let me know what you guys think!

Cheers to good coffee, better spouses, and my most amazing Elizabeth.

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The Newest Fridge Verse

A rainy weather poem…

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Fridge Verse for Elizabeth Post 3

So, something had been bothering me about the way the meter flowed between stanza ends on the latest verse. I couldn’t put my finger on it…but something wasn’t right.
Then, as I stood drinking coffee this morning, the fix just appeared! Go figure.
Here is the latest Fridge Verse for Elizabeth. Enjoy!!

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Fridge Verse for Elizabeth Continued

I’d actually been working on this one for a few weeks, but it all just came together this weekend.

I guess you might say my darling inspired me.

For Elizabeth…

Then, while I was just standing there musing, this one more or less created itself.  Again-sweet inspiration!

Hope you enjoy!  

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Bringing Back the Blog

As a brief reintroduction to blogging, I intend to use the site for a bit to work with creative writing projects I have been working on.
The first will be a photography/book project entitled Fridge Verse for Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, many of my regular readers know, is the light of my life, my dream girl, my best friend–my amazing wife. And I have long wanted to compose a series of poems for her, but everything I ever did felt too sentimental–too sappy. She doesn’t really do sappy…ask any of our friends.
So, we recently had to replace the fridge in the kitchen. A lightning strike took our old one out, and we screwed around with the insurance company for a LONG time until they finally paid for it.  
Well, as part of the “out with the old, in with the new” process, I had to take all the magnetic fridge poetry down and put it on the new one. For those who were completely under a rock in the 1990s and 2000, fridge poetry consists of packs of magnetic words that stick on the side of your metal refrigerator. You stand there, sipping coffee in the morning, and rearrange the words into poems. 
Now, I’ve done this for years, and have come up with some pretty good stuff. Friends staying over would add to what was there, improving or making things worse as a joke. All in good fun, yeah? But it has NEVER occurred to me that I could use it to write poems and take pictures of them, and that would be the book!
So, I am starting. I offer here, for your viewing and reading pleasure the first of what will be MANY “Fridge Verses for Elizabeth.”

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